About Alicia

The short version: Alicia Boemi has been dedicated to improving the lives of animals for over 10 years. She is a certified Animal Aromatherapist, Raw Dog Food Certified Specialist and is working toward her certification in canine massage. Alicia lives in Chicago with her husband and three rescue dogs, Izzy, Hudson & Mylah. She founded The DIY Dog Mom in 2015 after realizing she did almost everything for her dogs herself with a focus on holistic wellness. From making dog treats and cooking their meals to creating all-natural flea/tick spray and other DIY projects, she strives to create a natural home that benefits dogs and humans.

Ok, now for the long version!  

Hey, there! Thank you for visiting my dog-loving, do-it-yourself part of the internet! I’m a city dwelling, nature and lake-obsessed dog mom to three rescued dogs: Izzy, Hudson, and Mylah. I married my husband, Jeff, in 2014, and we live in the city of Chicago and frequently travel with our pups to Wisconsin for a nature fix.

Being a DIY dog mom means you are invested in exploring means of care for your dog(s) that are alternative and often require a do-it-yourself attitude. Whether you’re a raw food feeder, obsessed with making your dog’s accessories or creating holistic remedies from scratch – you are invested in your dog’s care on a whole other level, you’re a DIY dog mom.

What makes me a DIY Dog Mom?

I’ve had almost every job in the dog rescue world including the biggest job and challenge I’ve faced: taking care of our very special needs dog, Mylah. My career with dogs has included everything from running an animal shelter to fundraising, major events, program development, volunteer management, marketing and social media, organizing spay/neuter clinics and, of course, rescuing dogs hands-on. That’s how I became mom to Izzy, Hudson, and Mylah… and how my family and some friends wound up with their dogs, too! Somewhere in between all that hard work, three dogs and random things life throws at you, I also got my Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and founded the Mylah Medical Foundation, a charity that helps homeless dogs with medical needs.

I’ve seen the compassion and evil in people, the good and the ugly in dog care approaches and learned first hand from the dogs I’ve rescued and mine, that a well-rounded, holistic approach to care can be life-saving. I‘ve learned an incredible amount about caring for and living with dogs as the result of my career, and I am so grateful for the hands-on experiences and knowledge I’ve been given.

Which is why I’m here! I take a holistic, all-natural and do-it-yourself approach to taking care of my dogs and I want to share that with others. I was given such fabulous opportunities to learn about dog care, nutrition, health, behavior and more, and I love teaching others what I’ve learned. I also love getting creative and sharing fun DIY projects I make for my dogs, myself, or the house.

This blog gives me the opportunity to share so much with my fellow dog moms and dads, and I am grateful to have followers and readers like you! Thank you for being here! I started this blog not knowing the impact it might have, and it has already exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to grow with you and your dogs and share my wealth of knowledge on so many dog-related topics.

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Inflammations & Emergencies Course Completion

Meet My Kids


I call Izzy my ‘best girl’ because she is my best friend and the minute I laid eyes on her I knew we were meant to be together. I can’t even begin to count how many ways she has changed my life. I got Izzy right after college at 22 years old and we have been through so much together. My first city apartment, breakups, roommates, family deaths, celebrations – she has always been there. Izzy is eight years old, but basically going on one year old; she is a giant puppy at heart! She also loves to be in nature and at the lake. She is my adventure dog and soul mate.


My middle kid, Hudson: big, goofy and lovable. The moment I met eyes with Hudson I knew he was a dog I wouldn’t be able to live without. Hudson came from a puppy mill, was brought to a pet store and purchased at the pet store as a “bullador” at three months old. His owners had a lot of young kids and he wasn’t mixing well with them so they were going to either euthanize him or give him up. They claimed Hudson was ‘unpredictable’. Well, he is the most predictable dog I know, a dog that thrives from routine and familiarity. Hudson is a big lug, not the brightest, but would protect me and his sisters from anything. Hudson is seven years old.


Mylah is the baby and was the final addition to the family. I rescued Mylah’s mom and seven siblings who were confiscated from a dog fighting and breeding operation and were going to be euthanized due to space at animal control. Mylah and her siblings were only four weeks old. Mylah was the runt of the litter and I fell in love with her. Mylah is our special needs baby. She was diagnosed with diabetes at 10 months old. She is now six years old and over the last year was diagnosed with protein losing nephropathy, inflammatory bowel disease and pancreatic enzyme insufficiency. It has been a rough year for her, and us, but we are managing and are so thankful for every day we get to spend with her.

Addy & Ramona

You’ll also see these two characters around the blog and site, they’re two of my nieces who I watch often.

From the left, Addy and Ramona

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