Canine Wellness Services

Think of Alicia as a dog trainer for your dog’s wellness and longevity. We all want the best for our dogs but the information out there can be overwhelming to try and sort through. So, why choose to work with Alicia? Alicia takes an integrative and whole approach when working to achieve optimal, natural health and wellness for each dog.

As a Canine Wellness Practitioner, her focus is on understanding each dog as an individual and approaching any dis-ease (lack of ease or harmony within the body) with a focus on coaching owners about proper nutrition, herbs, aromatherapy and other natural modalities.

Alicia utilizes Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), western herbalism and aromatherapy with a focus on a species appropriate diet to help dogs live a vibrantly healthy life. There is a difference between merely surviving and thriving. Alicia’s focus is on ensuring all dogs are thriving in their everyday lives.

Each of the services offered allows dog parents to learn a great deal about holistic health for dogs, with the goal to achieve optimal wellness for their individual dog. Every wellness coaching, meal plan, or aromatherapy session is highly detailed and tailored to the overall wellbeing of each individual dog. At times, Alicia will want to work with your veterinarian or look over veterinarian records. The goal is to work together with all parties necessary to ensure your dog is receiving the best, integrative care.

“My foster dog had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t have tons of experience on this condition and was redirected to Alicia for advice and support. She talked me through everything and provided me a great amount of knowledge! I am very grateful for her coaching me through this and I feel my foster’s health has benefited greatly. In fact, now that his diabetes is under control we are adopting him laughing”  -Krissy & Popeye

This information is not meant to treat or diagnose your dog, or replace veterinary care. Please consult with your veterinarian if you want a medical diagnosis for your dog. Please also review the terms of service and waiver for services, click here. 

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