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Dog Mom of the Month: Taylor

Taylor Krebs lives in Seattle, WA with her 3-year-old miniature schnauzer rescue, Ruby! When Taylor isn’t working as an architectural designer you can find her blogging all about her dog mom life with Ruby at their blog, Ruby on Alki. Taylor rescued Ruby from a...

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Dog Mom of the Month: Danielle

Danielle Schultz lives in Arlington Heights, IL with her husband, Steve, and three rescued dogs, Lea Mia, Memphis, and Roscoe P. Coltrane. Before she adopted her three canine kiddos, Danielle fostered 24 puppies in two years with her late dog Sandy. After Sandy passed...

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Dog Mom of the Month: Brigette

Brigette Johnson is Mom to two Pomeranians, Bolt, and Torque. This all-natural, outdoor-loving trio has been through ups and downs with Bolt's behavior and health. Brigette learned a lot from Bolt and is now an advocate for a raw diet and incorporates essential oils...

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Dog Mom of the Month: Kristen

Dog Mom of the Month is back! The first 2017 Dog Mom of the Month is Kristen Gottschalk. She could be considered dog mom to hundreds of rescued dogs she has saved during her life. She has been involved in dog rescue for over 8 years and even co-founded a non-profit...

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Dog Mom of the Month: Sarah

Sarah Saber lives in Fairfax, VA with her 2.5-year-old rescued dog Bane and 12-year-old black Domestic Shorthair rescued cat, Bama. Bane is a Saint Bernard and Great Pyrenees mix who Sarah fostered from Dogs XL Rescue after they found him emaciated and living on a...

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Dog Mom of the Month: Emily

Emily de Moraes lives in Dallas, TX with her husband, Fabio, and their canine kid, Nomi. The family moved to Texas from Chicago where Emily is now working as a full-time food blogger for her blog, 'What's the Oven on For?'! Emily quickly realized she was a dog mom...

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Dog Mom of the Month: Meg

This month's Dog Mom of the Month features Meg, who is not only my sister but has been lending her skills to the DIY Dog Mom blog as a contributor! I thought this would be the perfect way to get to know Meg more as you'll see more articles written by her.  ...

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Dog Mom of the Month: Sydney

Sydney Harms lives in Loveland, Colorado with her two rescued pups Dizzy and Jayne. She didn’t adopt Dizzy and Jayne from your typical adoption situation but rescued them personally from bad situations. Sydney rescued both dogs from Craigslist. Online animal...

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Dog Mom of the Month – Clare S.

Clare Summers lives in beautiful Denver, CO with her two adorable pups Violet and Marla Hooch. Before moving to Denver, Clare rescued both of her canine kids from Chicago where she used to live. In April 2010, Clare adopted Violet from the Anti-Cruelty Society...

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Dog Mom of the Month – Anamarie S.

The Dog Mom of the Month feature celebrates extraordinary dog moms who share their stories about life, love, and happiness while living with and caring for their canine kids. Share your story to possibly be a featured dog mom by emailing When...

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