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The Best Carpet for a Multi-Dog Household

I have gone through my fair share of throw rugs, area carpets and tried just about every stain protector or stain remover for carpets. Life with three dogs has always meant that our carpets have the ability to be destroyed at any moment! Now that we own our house, I have learned A LOT about flooring and carpets, probably more than I wanted to know. But with a

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Mylah’s K9 Sport Sack Review

With all of Mylah's health issues come limitations on what she can and cannot do. Running around in our backyard is fine, but we do limit the amount of time she is able to exercise. If you follow my social media, like Instagram, you see I post a lot of pictures of us...

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Easter Egg Hunt & Basket for Dogs

I am all for a good dog party especially when it involves baking treats and creating cute baskets for the pups. Last weekend we had an Easter egg hunt for the dogs and they loved it! Izzy definitely won and found most of the eggs. They all were rewarded for their...

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Keep a Busy Dog Busy

I work from home full-time now, and between the blog, shop and newly launched Dog Mom University, I have my hands in many different ventures during the day. I also share an office with three dogs, one who is very busy too and often needs a job. Can you guess which...

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Five Indoor Games for Dogs

Winter can often mean a stir-crazy dog... or in my case, three of them. Here are some indoor games for your dog and most of these are free! Each game is great to give your dog mental stimulation too. A tired brain is a happy one! 1. Find it with Cups What you...

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The Pet Wash for DIY’ers + Giveaway

It has turned into fall in Chicago which means cooler temps and rain, less time outside, and some of our 'do it yourself' activities change, like bath time. Giving the dogs a bath outside using the hose, or wiping them down in the bathtub and drying them...

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Ways Your Dog Can Take Part in the Big Day

In honor of our second wedding anniversary, I thought I'd share the best ways to incorporate your dog (or dogs) into your big day! Obviously, our dogs are family, they're our kids, and we wanted them to be part of our wedding day because they mean the world to us....

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Giving Your Dog the World in a Small Space

In my daydreams I live on a 30 acre farm with fields and forests for Raina to run through all day, and a huge farm house with a king size dog bed for her to snuggle up in. In reality, we live on a busy street in a tiny two bedroom apartment, 21 floors up with a four...

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