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DIY Soothing Wound Cream for Dogs

If your dog has a wound, burn or scrape this healing cream can soothe and heal skin scrapes and injuries. It is so easy to make and each of the ingredients are ones I highly recommend having on hand in your house for other uses for your dogs.

Mix the following together in a container that can be sealed and keep in the refrigerator for freshness. This can last a few months.

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Fresh, Healthy Dog Food with Real Ingredients | NomNomNow Unboxing Review

At first, I was nervous to start feeding raw or home cooked food but I’m so glad I took the plunge and just did it years ago. That was before the pet food industry started to change a bit – in a better direction. Now you can buy real food for your dog made from real, whole ingredients. So if you don’t have the time to make your dog’s food, or worry about making a balanced diet with vitamins, then I highly suggest you order from NomNomNow.

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Dog Paw Soak for an Itchy, Irritated or Cut Paw

I use this paw soak anytime one of my dogs has an irritated, itchy, inflamed paw or a cut paw pad. It is super simple and you only need two things: warm water and betadine. You can purchase betadine at any local grocery store or pharmacy. This is a great remedy for dogs who have a paw yeast infection or if your dog is chewing their paw because of allergies. I explain how I do the soak and the benefits in a quick video, check it out below!

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DIY Anti-Itch Spray for Dogs

If your dog suffers from itchy skin or skin allergies like my dog Hudson does, then this topical spray can definitely help! It has a few simple ingredients that soothe skin while disinfecting it and calming any inflammation down. What you'll need: 8oz spray bottle 1/2...

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Arnica for Dogs: All Natural Pain Reliever

Arnica is an all natural pain reliever that comes in oil, gel or pill form derived from the plant Arnica montana. Arnica has been used in holistic practice for centuries to help heal injuries, bruises, etc. I keep arnica oil in my home to use on my dogs if they have any muscle soreness or stiffness.

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CBD for Anxious Dogs: Treatibles Review

I've been meaning to learn more about using CBD for dogs (short for Cannabidiol), an all natural, non-psychoactive concentrate extracted from hemp. And no, this is not marijuana. I got the opportunity to dive into understanding CBD for dogs thanks to the company,...

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DIY Dog Safe Ant Control Solution

Warm weather with spring rain usually means you'll find pesky little ants in your house. We used to have them in our kitchen two years ago until I used this DIY solution that curbs ants and can even kill them on site if you spray it directly on them and are looking...

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18 Tips & Tricks for Dogs with Diabetes

My husband and I have been through a lot with Mylah since she was diagnosed with diabetes at 10 months old. Six years of caring for her and managing canine diabetes has had a lot of ups and downs. We've learned so much along the way. Here's our top 18 tips and...

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Fresh Breath Treats

February is National Pet Dental Health month so I decided to share these easy dog fresh breath treats! They're super healthy to add to your dogs daily breakfast or dinner. Coconut oil and parsley are the two main ingredients and both are fantastic aids in fighting bad...

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DIY Flea/Tick Spray

I’m really particular when it comes to what I feed my dogs and what I will put on their bodies. Many commercial flea and tick sprays or drops are packed with harmful chemicals that I don't want on my pups as they can cause adverse reactions and skin problems. This...

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Why I Feed My Kids a Raw Diet

I've fed my dogs a variety of different commercial kibble in the past, from puppy chow as puppies to a short stint with vegetarian kibble (and yes, I'm embarrassed to admit that). Personally, I don't eat meat and haven't since I was in 8th grade. I hate the...

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DIY Oatmeal Shampoo for Itchy Skin

Izzy had been so itchy the first few weeks of February so I decided she needed a deep cleaning and soothing shampoo for her tresses. I really only like two shampoo products you can purchase in store, but ultimately decided to create my own homemade shampoo for her dry...

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Turkey Pumpkin Treats & Omega 3’s

We all want to start the new year on the right foot (or paw), and healthy eating is a typical new year's goal. So, it's only fair to consider a healthy eating goal for your canine kids too, which should include healthy supplements.   There are so many benefits to...

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