My dogs love this soup more than their normal food I think! I make it for them regularly because it is a good immune booster and a fun snack. You can freeze the soup in ice trays or serve it as soup (cold is fine). This recipe feeds three dogs (total of 165lbs) for one week. You will need less ingredients for less dogs. You do need to be home for a good chunk of time for the soup to simmer and extract all the good stuff from the bones.


4 Lamb Shanks (chicken, turkey, beef, etc. work too as long as the bone is included)
1/4 Cup apple cider vinegar
1 Apple, chopped (optional)
Bunch of carrots, chopped (optional)
Optional ingredients: chopped green beans, potatoes, broccoli


1. Bring 4.5 quarts of water to boil
2. Once water is boiling, pour in 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar
3. Add in the lamb shanks after
4. Cook lamb shanks in boiling water for 20-30 minutes and then take out
5. Take out the lamb shanks and cut the meat off them and return bones back to the pot of water. Turn the water down to a simmer and cover for 3-4 hours if you can.
6. With the meat from the bones you can either chop it up finely in a food processor or use the chunks of meat you cut. Refrigerate the meat until it is ready to go back in the soup.
7. Once the soup has been simmering for 3-4hours, turn off the stove and leave the soup to simmer and cool for another 3-4 hours
8. Remove the bones once the soup is ready and add in the meat you refrigerated. You can steam or add in the chopped raw vegetables and apple (whatever your dog likes frankly).
9. Mix together and serve to your canine kids!


Please note: you should not feed your dogs fruits or vegetables that they’ve never tried, or are bad for them. There are only certain fruits and vegetables that dogs should eat and can digest, some can be very dangerous. Familiarize your dogs’ bellies up to new foods by feeding small bits to them over time, never all at once. Here is a good list of toxic foods to dogs.


Serving size notes: My dogs range in different sizes, some get more, some get less. I usually only give about a cup and a half at any given time.

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