Canine Wellness Coaching

Work with Alicia to get your dog(s) on the path to a thriving and vibrant life with a wellness coaching session. If you’re a dog parent struggling to understand how to get your dog started on an all-natural holistic path to wellness through diet, supplements, herbs, etc. we can discuss the best course of action for your individual dog(s).  For those with a diabetic dog please purchase the diabetic dog wellness listing. We will go over your dog’s diagnosis and what the options are for diet, herbs, aromatherapy and more to help your dog. These coaching sessions do not include a specific diet plan or meal plan, but we discuss what options are available and you can decide which route to take after becoming more informed.

Wellness coaching might be good for your dog (and you!) if…

  • your dog is constantly struggling with dis-ease (lack of ease or harmony within the body)
  • your dog is a diabetic who is unregulated or in ketoacidosis
  • your dog is struggling with anxiety or depression
  • your dog has chronic allergies, yeast infections or skin ailments
  • your dog does not like his or her food
  • your dog needs to lose weight and needs an exercise plan
  • you want to understand holistic health and wellness for your dog but are unsure where to start
  • you want to know if the supplements you are giving your dog make sense
  • you want more information on vaccine detox herbs or herbs in general
  • your dog has a chronic ailment, cancer or went through surgery and you want to understand all-natural options
  • you are seeking general support from someone who understands
Please familiarize yourself with the policies, terms and waiver before purchasing.

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