Natural Nutrition for Dogs

Feed your dog a species appropriate diet whether cooked or raw. Food is the basis of all life and if your dog has any unbalances you may be able to help with a custom diet tailored to your dog’s specific needs. 

Canine Massage & Bodywork

There are so many benefits when it comes to canine massage therapy. Whether you are seeking proactive therapy for your dog, needing maintenance care or sports massage for an adult dog, or palliative care for an aging dog – the advantages of this therapy are extensive.

Essential Oils for Dogs & Horses

There are so many factors to consider when using aromatherapy with animals and working with a certified aromatherapist means your dog or horse is receiving the maximum therapeutic benefits of essential oils. 

One on One Coaching for Pet Parents

Your dog is your mirror but we as humans often don’t recognize what is happening within us also affects our dogs. Coaching sessions focus on individual life coaching as it relates to your dog and the life you want to build together. 

DIY treat recipes, projects & more!

Explore the DIY pet parent blog featuring fun projects, dog treat recipes, travel stories and more!

Free Canine Wellness Course

A five-part email course to help you incorporate a holistic healthy life for your dog right at home!

Welcome, I’m Alicia!

I help pet parents uncover the mind, body, and spirit of their dogs through complimentary wellness services. I’m passionate about helping dog parents navigate life with their dog from a holistic, heart-centered place!

I started working with animals over 10 years ago in the dog rescue world learning hands-on from veterinarians, trainers, consultants and more.

A little bit about me – I’m a canine wellness and health-obsessed dog mom who’s been working in the pet industry for over ten years. I’m a Dog Parent Life Coach, Certified Canine Massage Therapist, Certified Canine & Equine Aromatherapist, Usui Reiki Master, and Canine Nutrition Expert!

I’ve had almost every job in the animal rescue world but the biggest job and challenge I’ve faced has been taking care of my very special needs dog, Mylah.  When Mylah was diagnosed with diabetes at 10 months old my world changed.

“My foster dog had recently been diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t have tons of experience on this condition and was redirected to Alicia for advice and support. She talked me through everything and provided me a great amount of knowledge! I am very grateful for her coaching me through this and I feel my foster’s health has benefited greatly. In fact, now that his diabetes is under control we are adopting him laughing” 

-Krissy & Popeye

Become a holistic, do-it-yourself pet parent!

Get Your Dog Thriving

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For the DIY pet parent looking for free tips, tricks & articles about holistic pet care!

My Diabetic Dog is Skinny – 6 Things to Consider

As dog mom to Mylah who was diagnosed with diabetes at 10 months old, I’ve seen her go through many stages of ups and downs throughout her life dealing with this disease. Now that she is 8 years old, she’s actually doing the best other than when she was between the ages of 2-4 years old. Mylah’s life with diabetes has been challenging from many aspects but one area I want to talk about in particular is when she was so skinny. Some days, she looked emaciated.

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Ep: 005 How to Transition Your Dog to a Raw Diet + Considerations for Any New Diet

“How should I transition my dog to a raw diet?” I get asked this question all the time and my answer is one that might surprise you. While I do advocate for raw diets, they might not be the best for every single dog and I explain why. That’s why my answers to the transition question isn’t a simple one. I hope this solo episode helps you re-think how you should approach your dog’s diet and look at food a bit differently as well. 

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7 Facts You Should Know About CBD for Dogs Before Making a Purchase

When it comes to CBD, there is a lot of misinformation floating around the web and social media. Many promote CBD as a cure-all for dogs without acknowledging the actual scientific proof we have about how CBD works within the bodies of dogs. For example, there is no scientific study that exists right now to prove that CBD works effectively to reduce anxiety in dogs. There is a lot of anecdotal information about this but that evidence only proves that sometimes it works to lower anxiety in dogs and sometimes it doesn’t.

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Canine Bladder Health + Why It’s Important

This post is sponsored by Herbsmith, all opinions are my own and I only discuss products I personally use.  As many of you know, my second youngest dog, Mylah, was diagnosed with diabetes at 10 months old. She's lived with this disease for the past seven years of her...

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