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My List of All Natural Flea/Tick & Heartworm Remedies for Dogs

Flea and tick season is here and it has many pet parents worried about how to tackle these pests from an all-natural standpoint. As many of you know, there is an abundance of harmful, chemical filled, and downright toxic flea/tick meds available at vet clinics and big retailers. Just doing a simple google search on deaths from flea and tick medicine is enough to never allow that stuff near my dogs again.

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Your Dog Should Drink Bone Broth, 8 Health Benefits

Everyone has heard me talk about bone broth by now and why I love to feed it to my dogs. I have even posted some DIY recipes to make your own. I’ve never listed out every benefit in detail and thought this would be the perfect time to do that! 1. Healthy gut = healthy dog. Bone broth contains gut healing properties of gelatin plus the amino acids proline, glutamine and arginine which help heal and support any gut issues. If your dog is having digestive upset start them on bone broth right away.

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Food Energetics for Dogs – Warm, Hot, Cold Food & Proteins

There’s a simple way to look at your dog’s food – through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) food energetics. Food energetics are used to look at how food affects our bodies from a neutral, cool and warm standpoint. So instead of evaluating foods based on protein, calories, and carbs like Western culture does, TCM looks at vitamin and mineral content in addition to the sensations foods have on our bodies. For dogs suffering from allergies – warm and hot foods must be avoided. When you look at your dog’s behavior and then pair it with TCM food energetics I bet you might see some ways you can improve your dog’s diet.

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How to Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones

Feeding your dog bone as part of a raw diet can be intimidating and flat out nerve-wracking, especially for first-timer raw feeders. When you feed a dog a raw diet of ground meat and bones that can take away from the scary aspects of things going wrong like choking. However, raw meaty bones are great for dogs to enjoy for a few reasons.

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Sardines & Oily Fish for Dogs

There are so many health benefits your dog receives when you feed him/her sardines or other oily fish like herring or mackerel. The #1 benefit is that your dog is receiving a natural source of rich omega 3 fish oils – you are literally feeding the source of the fish oil. I stopped feeding fish oil to my raw fed dogs Izzy and Hudson

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Choosing the Best Raw Food to Feed Your Dog

When I first started feeding my dogs raw food I was overwhelmed and somewhat confused. That was over five years ago. I have learned a ton and made it a priority to educate myself to benefit my dogs and so I could teach other dog parents about feeding raw food. And the raw feeding learning curve doesn’t happen overnight. There is a transition for dogs and humans that must take place.

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Turkey Neck Bone Broth for Dogs

I LOVE feeding my dogs bone broth because it is so easy to pop the ingredients in the crockpot and then 24-48 hours later I have healthy, immune boosting broth to feed alongside their regular meals. I try to make bone broth for them each week using different...

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Raw Dog Food Specialist Certified

The month of October has been dedicated to a lot of learning and I am so glad I decided to take this step to take the Raw Dog Food Certification course through Dogs Naturally University. I decided it was time to ramp up my learning even further, for my own dog’s sake and for my blog. I am already pretty knowledgeable when it comes to canine nutrition but I want to be as well versed on this subject as I can be.

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Vitamin B12 Injections for Dogs

B12 for dogs can be lifesaving if your dog has malabsorption issues and therefore is unable to absorb the nutrients you are feeding to him/her. Dogs suffering from malabsorption typically have an underlying issue like exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and/or…

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DIY Paw Wipes, Travel Friendly

I wanted to create some easy paw wipes that are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory that I can take with me when traveling and keep in my car. This is a super easy DIY for natural paw wipes that can clean irritated paws, or be used for everyday dirty paw cleanings.

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Plantain Oil for Dogs: Bug Bite Treatment

Plantain is a such a fun and useful natural option for bug bites and stings that your dog (or even you!) might encounter. You can have plantain oil on hand like I do, or use straight plantain leaf from the ground. The plant itself is all over and can be found in almost any climate.

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Did Hudson’s Skin Improve After Eating NomNomNow?

You’ve read my two previous posts about feeding Hudson NomNomNow’s Chicken Chow Wow meals and I am excited to share more about our entire experience. Remember, I really wanted to try NomNomNow’s food to see if it would help him with his skin problems and support healthier skin and coat. I am super excited to report that after feeding him NomNomNow, his coat is healthier and shinier!! 🙂

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Ear & Skin Compress Home Remedy for Itchy Dogs

This is a super easy remedy to help your dog if he/she has seasonal allergies or irritations on the ear or skin. I use this tea bag compress a lot on my dogs because both green and peppermint tea have great soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to help the skin. I made a video with all the info you need and instructions on how to do the compress.

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DIY Soothing Wound Cream for Dogs

If your dog has a wound, burn or scrape this healing cream can soothe and heal skin scrapes and injuries. It is so easy to make and each of the ingredients are ones I highly recommend having on hand in your house for other uses for your dogs.

Mix the following together in a container that can be sealed and keep in the refrigerator for freshness. This can last a few months.

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Fresh, Healthy Dog Food with Real Ingredients | NomNomNow Unboxing Review

At first, I was nervous to start feeding raw or home cooked food but I’m so glad I took the plunge and just did it years ago. That was before the pet food industry started to change a bit – in a better direction. Now you can buy real food for your dog made from real, whole ingredients. So if you don’t have the time to make your dog’s food, or worry about making a balanced diet with vitamins, then I highly suggest you order from NomNomNow.

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Dog Paw Soak for an Itchy, Irritated or Cut Paw

I use this paw soak anytime one of my dogs has an irritated, itchy, inflamed paw or a cut paw pad. It is super simple and you only need two things: warm water and betadine. You can purchase betadine at any local grocery store or pharmacy. This is a great remedy for dogs who have a paw yeast infection or if your dog is chewing their paw because of allergies. I explain how I do the soak and the benefits in a quick video, check it out below!

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